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Three Types of Self Defense

Have you ever wondered and  thought about what would happen if you are attacked randomly and have nothing to do? Self-defense helps us in getting safe in such situations. Although there are many types of self-defense here, we will tell you about the three main important types.

The three types include soft violence, general safety, and defense art. These three are very important types of self-defense, and these will help you be safe and secure if you are attacked by a person. You must learn them and also teach your loved ones about them.

Soft Violence

By the name violence, you might be thinking about punching and kicking. But there is the biggest difference between defending someone in a fight and protecting ourselves from the people crossing their boundaries. Sometimes someone grabs you or uncomfortably touches you, and this happens with females most of the time.

For this, a woman must be ready to tackle such a situation and tell the predator that it is not accepted. Jiu-Jitsu is a type of self-defense which is also called soft violence, and mostly it is taught to women. Additionally; you must teach this to your children or teenagers around you.

Why Jiu-Jitsu an Ideal Soft Self Defense Type

If someone wants to fight and get protected at the same time, then Jiu-Jitsu is important to learn. It is best because:

  1. It is the best and most effective method if you want to protect yourself against a person who is stronger and bigger than you.
  2. This type of self-defense is best if you do not want anyone to invade your personal space. Moreover, it also teaches you how to get over your opponent.
  3. The best part is that it is soft violence or almost no violence at all. It is basically a type included in a self-defense course known as a stranger in an alley. This thing is appropriate if you do not want to hurt the other person severely.

General Safety

The main thing that self-defense includes is keeping yourself safe and protecting yourself. Taking examples from real life. You can simply trip or slip and fall in the street and get yourself hurt. If you are not aware of self-defense, then you might also not know how to keep yourself safe and protected in such a case.

Similarly, if we fall backward, our body produces a reflex action, and we quickly take our hand out and keep ourselves safe from falling down. But you can dislocate your arm in such cases. Even if you are a great martial art expert, you can still get hurt. There are many examples from the history where the martial artists dislocated their arms.

General safety helps you in getting you safe even if you fall. The trick will help you maintain the balance and not dislocate the arm.  You can keep yourself safe and will not get hurt. Many general safety things include practicing over falling and then keeping yourself safe.

Why General Defense Is A Better Option?

General Defense is the best option because:

  1. It can keep you safe and protected against getting hurt.
  2. You can also help others and give them emergency rescue. Suppose someone gets stuck in an elevator, and if you know a general safety, you can quickly pull the person out without hurting them.

Everyone must learn the general safety and let their dear ones learn these.

Gentle Art

Gentle art includes martial art. Martial arts have secret techniques, and many martial artists imply new techniques for their self-defense.

Martial arts were the first practice in Greece and Ancient India. People used to live in tribes and used to save their loved ones by practicing the martial art techniques. Many new techniques were also discovered over time, and people started to know their importance day by day.


One of the famous types of martial arts is judo. It is also known as stand-up throws, and many schools teach their students. There are many on-ground fights held regarding judo. You cannot practice judo if you are not trained professionally. This is because you may hurt someone.

There are many techniques and tricks if someone wants to play judo. Judo is one of the most special kinds of martial arts, and it became officially practiced art in the Japanese police force in the year 1986.

Judo is now played as an international art game, and there are several tournaments held if someone out there wants to play judo. There are many academies that teach the people how to be a great judo fighters and how to protect themselves in emergency situations.

Gracie Brothers

Have you heard about Gracie Brothers? They threw an open fighting challenge where they challenged publically to everyone to fight with them. There was no specific style, size, or time limit. They practiced in hundreds of fights and then refined their art. They became the best fighters, whether it was in the ring or in the street. They became practically undefeated and became famous fighters too.

Why Judo Is Best?

Coming to the next stage after soft violence and general defense, the public art is necessary to learn. It helps in protecting you against the opponent. Sometimes you are tackled in a situation where the opponent is stronger and can easily hurt you. For this, you have to practice the thing that will protect you against getting hurt. Below are the reasons why you should learn martial arts:

  1. It will give you extra strength and power to fight against the opponent.
  2. No matter how strong your opponent is, you can easily fight and protect yourself.
  3. Even if there is more than 1 person, you can still defend yourself and protect yourself from getting attacked.
  4. You can easily get yourself on the safe side and keep yourself safe until someone else approaches to save you.
  5. When practicing martial arts, you will know many sensitive points of the body which you can easily attack. And as a result, you will be safe.


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Three Types of Self Defense

Have you ever wondered and thought about what would happen if you are attacked randomly and have nothing to do? Self-defense helps us in getting safe in such situations. Although there are many types of self-defense here, we will tell you about the three main important types.