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Muay Thai – Best Self Defense Technique


Muay Thai has been in practice for ages. Muay means boxing and Thai language. In short, muay Thai means Thai boxing. The Thai martial artist Muay Boran showed some techniques. And hence they were implemented in boxing. Now, it has become a modern sport.

It was formalized for the very first time in the 20th century. This sport was influenced basically by the famous British boxing, and the rules were according to it. At these stages, the fighters used to wear the ropes on their hands and wear the gloves over them for giving a power punch.


Muay Thai is the sport where the two competitors fight in the ring and throw punches at each other. Not only this, but they can use kicks and elbows too. Moreover, clinching and sweeps are also allowed in Muay Thai. It is best if you want to be strong and fight the predators all alone yourself.




The history of Muay Thai relates to Sukhothai Dynasty in the 13th century in Thailand. There was the first army born in this century to help the state and fight against enemies. They were taught to defend both armed, and they were introduced to fight both with weapons and no weapons.

 Thailand used to fight with several neighboring kingdoms, and for this, they have to prepare for everything in advance.  For this, they started to develop skills for boxing. In the 18th century, Muay Thai became famous, and soon after that, it became the national sport of Thailand. There were many rules that were also introduced in the context of playing this game officially.


Muay Thai Now


Muay Thais’ rules have been changed since ages, and it has become more advanced in the years especially after World War 1. At that time, the sport was loved and practiced worldwide. Nowadays, Muay Thai includes traditional elements of Thailand, like using padded gloves, and there is a 3 to 5 rounds limit. Moreover, the rules are now more clear and defined.

It encompasses new strikes and techniques and is far different from the ancient game played, and is also commonly known as Muay Boran. It was primary created to help the soldiers fight during wars when they fought hand to hand.

The techniques from Muay Boran were dangerous. That’s why they were limited, and also, some become forbidden. This is because several techniques from that time could easily injure the head and joints, causing death. So, to avoid such situations, they are banned.


Mixture Of Western Boxing


Muay Thai is almost having the same elements as western boxing. It includes punches, crosses, hooks, jabs, kicks, uppercuts, elbow, and knee strikes. Some people confuse it with western boxing. But there are also some unique and different techniques used in it.

There are also sweeps, clinches, and throws in this boxing. Many martial artists practice this art by adding different techniques to it.


Muay Thai Techniques


There are many techniques of Muay Thai, depending on what you want to learn. There are attack techniques, counter techniques, and defense techniques, etc. You will have to do constant practice if you’re going to become proficient in these techniques. The continuous drilling will help you gain strength and also muscle memory.


You can learn the basic stance in the Muay Thai technique, and you are all set for the initial stage. There are proper stances and movements that you will need to learn. You have to tuck in your chin and body upright. Moreover, you have to place your hands in a guard position so you can easily protect your head. And you have to put your both feet on the ground roughly.

If you are a right-hander, you have to keep your left foot at the front, but you have to put the opposite foot at the front if you are a left-hander. This posture will help you maintain balance and keep yourself in the same position while defending yourself.



The attacking techniques will compromise punches, elbow and knee strikes, and push kicks. Moreover, they will include clinches too. The defensive methods comprise of blocks, lean backs, dodges, and leg catch.

You have to mix and match the techniques to make a unique combo to fight against your opponent.

Below are the main elements that you must practice well.





In Muay Thia, you will see punching as the most common weapon used. There are many punch techniques. But the main ones include straight lead punch, straight rear punch, and hook. Other techniques are uppercut and spinning etc. You have to make a shifting weight from your feet to your fist while moving your feet up and rotating the shoulders and hips with full power.


Elbow Strikes


Elbows are one of the main things in every self-defense technique. They are the hardest part of the body and the most effective human weapon that can help you in attacking. You can throw an elbow in many ways depending upon the position your opponent is in.

You can throw the elbow from the sideways to the head, reverse to the chin, also from the top down, and also you can do the spinning back elbow technique. If you use the strikes properly, they can knock out the opponent in just a few minutes.



The main and the most devastating weapon in Muay Thai technique is kicking. You can kick the opponent and knock him out in few moments. You have to deliver the kick from outside. Here you will have to swing your arm backward and do an inside rotation of the hip to implement some force and then kick the opponent with full force. You can kick arms, legs, or any other body part of the opponent.




You can use knees for clinching in the Muay Thai technique too. They are thrown to the body. Here the ribcage and thighs will be used, and you will also use your head to imply some force. Jumping while striking can knock out the opponent really quickly.




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Muay Thai

The history of Muay Thai relates to Sukhothai Dynasty in the 13th century in Thailand. There was the first army born in this century to help the state and fight against enemies. They were taught to defend both armed, and they were introduced to fight both with weapons and no weapons.

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