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How to Teach Your Children Self Defense?


Considering your child’s safety as an important factor is a sign of good parenting. A responsible parent never lets their child be exposed to danger or anything inappropriate. Bullying of kids is common in schools. But you must know how to teach your children self-defense.

Many people have admitted their children in self-defense classes too. But you can also make your children learn self-defense techniques at home. This article is worth reading if you want to make your children able to defend themselves.


Why Is Self Defense Necessary?


There is 99 percent of fights that are only verbal. But they can become intense, and physically children can hurt each other. The stronger your child will be, the more loss he can do. So, to avoid such conditions, you have to train your child for self-defense. In this way, they can protect them without hurting the other children.

Most students are bullied by drivers, security guards, or any random person in the street. So, they can defend themselves if they feel lousy touch or any discomfort in the environment. You can teach your children the best techniques so they can avoid mishaps.


Teaching Your Child


So, if you want to teach child self-defense, you can start by teaching a kid to be verbally assertive. Make them confident to stand for themselves if they are bullied or any unfair thing happens to them.

For this, you can play role-play and try to stress out your child. After that, make your child able to respond to such situations calmly.

Some parents teach their children to swing. DON’T DO THAT. Instead, teach your child to keep the buffer zone and tackle with the aggressiveness.

You can also enroll your child in bully-proofing programs. But these programs can be costly. For this, you can train your child at home by doing role play and giving your child the confidence to handle such situations.


 Martial Arts


You must give your child martial arts training. It is very necessary because your child has to face several problems in life. So, he must know how to tackle situations and do not let others make him uncomfortable.

The best courses you can pick are karate, Kung foo, and boxing, etc. You can also let your children learn at home by letting them watch videos of martial arts.


General Defense Practice


Normally children fall in school or slip or trip and break their limbs. For this, General defense is necessary to be taught. You can create an environment at your home too.

All you have to do is lay down the matrices and make your child jump or run over them. And try to add obstacles. Then whenever your child falls, try to tell him how to maintain balance and not to break the limbs at the same time.


Other Practices


The stronger you will make your child. The less worried you will be for him in the future. You can also let your child practice other things like swimming, running and doing pushups, etc.

It’s a time when children are addicted to mobiles and computers. So, you have to set a timetable yourself. Make a time table in which you put:

  1. At least one hour of riding the bicycle.
  2. Half hour swimming.
  3. Half hour climbing.
  4. Half hour doing pushups and other exercises.

These two and half hours will make your child both physically and mentally active. You can train your child to do such things to make them active and strong.

Benefits of Self Defense


Below are the few benefits of self-defense that you must know:

1.      Awareness of surroundings


The main thing on which self-defense focuses is taking a proactive stance towards the danger. The children who take self-defense classes can recognize the dangerous situations. And they also know how to avoid them. They are also taught to be aware of everything that happens around them.

They have given the kids tools when anything unusual happens, and they also know how to avoid such things.


2.       Spatial Concepts


Teaching spatial concepts to children is necessarily essential. Spatial concepts are those in which you can know about what a given space is. It is a complex skill, and you must give your children at an early age. Most children have naturally bestowed with spatial concepts. But you must teach your children about it.


3.       Building Confidence


You must build confidence in children, and for this, self-defense training is necessary. Self-defense classes boost the children’s confidence, and they are able to protect themselves. They learn how to tackle with fear and how to convert the far into positive energy to help themselves in emergency situations.


4.      Responsibility


Most people think that responsibility means that your child can make the decisions independently. But it is far beyond this thing. When children are taught self-defense, they become responsible because they know they will be accountable for everything and every action they take. It means that you can maturely deal with any responsibility or any power you are given.

After some time, they will also be able to use the new knowledge that they just found responsibly. In addition, they will also know how to tackle the situation without hurting someone or getting hurt.


5.      Smart Solutions to Bullying


The main reason behind children’s fights in schools, playgrounds, and public places is bullying. It is common everywhere. Although bullying is not allowed. But still, many children are bullied in different ways. Even nowadays, cyberbullying has become common.

Bullying usually happens with pre-planned scenarios. In such situations, children do not know what to do, and they are unable to share with someone. If your child is trained properly, he can answer the bullies with the best solutions without getting into trouble.



6.      Discipline


Children who are taught martial arts are also taught to do self-control and how to concentrate properly. These skills require intense focusing. As a result, children get more patient, and they start to develop discipline in them. As a result, your kids will also be able to be responsible kids


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